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Whether your needs are project-based or looking for electrical control panel fabrication outsourcing services, we are focused on optimizing your total cost of ownership. Brock Solutions is focused on quality, continuous improvement and developing long term partnerships with organizations across a variety of industries. We work with companies looking to improve quality, optimize their supply chain and drive costs out of their business. Our approach is to gain an understanding of our clients business and develop strategies to achieve their goals. Our engineering depth and ample capacity allow us to deliver large complex systems from either of our facilities in the US or Canada and our volume purchasing power ensures the most competitive material pricing and on time delivery.

At IAM Technology , we begin any design process for a customized control panel with a thorough evaluation of the specifications, requirements, and regulatory standards associated with the desired end application.

After the initial evaluation, our engineers create draft drawings to outline configuration specifics (along with a table of contents for quick reference). These draft drawings include:

  • A functional diagram: An accurate, clearly marked diagram will get the engineer or technician familiar with the control system design
  • An Input/Output (IO) diagram
  • Power distribution schematics: It’s best if the 480/240 Vac, 120 Vac, and 24 Vdc power distribution diagrams each have their own pages, to avoid unnecessary clutter and confusion
  • Control cabinet layouts
  • Back panel layouts
  • A bill of materials

When choosing between wiring, control components, circuit components, and other essential control panel hardware, there are a number of other design factors to take into account. For instance, wire sizes should be selected according to their load current. In turn, circuit protection should be based on wire size. Overcurrent protection devices can be installed ahead of the control panel or be integrated into the panel itself.

Most importantly, our custom control panel design ensures that all customer specifications will be met in accordance with the latest NEC, NFPA, and UL standards.

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