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Graphic Designing

Welcome to our premier graphic designing services! Our dedicated team of skilled designers is here to bring your creative visions to life. With years of experience and a passion for design, we offer a wide array of graphic design services to suit your unique needs. From eye-catching logos and engaging marketing materials to captivating social […]

Process Automation Maintenance

IAM Technology replaces the PDD with Digital Blueprints to minimize errors and outages for in-production bots. Digital Blueprints contain all the rich context that needs to be communicated to RPA developers, including detailed process flows, functional and non-functional requirements, user stories, compliance and regulatory requirements, and functional and acceptance tests. This context, along with the other […]

CNC Control Systems

CNC Control Systems A computer numerical control (CNC) system consists of three basic components: CNC software that is a program of instructions, a machine control unit, and processing equipment, also called machine tool. CNC software. Both the controller and the computer in CNC systems operate by means of software. There are three types of software programs required in […]

Agricultural Automation Design and Service

Agricultural Automation Design and Service Agricultural automation is the core technology for computer-aided agricultural production management and implementation. An integration of equipment, infotronics, and precision farming technologies, it creates viable solutions for challenges facing the food, fiber, feed, and fuel needs of the human race now and into the future.  

Hydraulics System Design and Services

Hydraulic Engineering & Design No matter what size you need or how complex your requirements are, Just provide us with your specifications, schematics or performance requirements. Whether you need a small, single-pump system or a multi-pump system, we will work closely with you throughout the entire process — design, installation, start-up — to provide you with the most efficient, […]

Pneumatic System Design and Services

Pneumatic Systems Using pneumatic systems is an easy way to keep maintenance costs low and keep your machines running longer. However, these are just a few benefits of pneumatic components. Using pneumatic components gives you the following advantages: Simplicity of design and control – Machines are easily designed using standard cylinders and other components and operate […]

MEP Service

Our MEP division is committed to providing fully engineered electromechanical and building service solutions to construction projects. This was formed with the expressed aim of being able to offer a complete alternative and more efficient approach to the traditional method of managing a project, by providing coordinated Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection services and Special […]

Control Panel Maintenance

Whether your needs are project-based or looking for electrical control panel fabrication outsourcing services, we are focused on optimizing your total cost of ownership. Brock Solutions is focused on quality, continuous improvement and developing long term partnerships with organizations across a variety of industries. We work with companies looking to improve quality, optimize their supply […]

Machines and Plant Maintenance

Proper maintenance of plant systems and equipment supports optimal plant operation, capacity, and productivity; improves output quality and worker safety; reduces the likelihood and severity of plant and machinery downtime; and pares overall operating costs proven plant maintenance techniques and technologies that automation and control professionals can: Prevent catastrophic failures before they occur Predict ongoing […]

Automation System Programming

Automation Engineering & Programming IAM Technology understands and avoids common automation issues that derail projects and cause costly delays with difficult start-ups. The IAM Technology Automation engineering team: programs, implements, and tests control systems to drive project advancement and reduce overall costs. Following a practical approach to process automation, we implement unique techniques to improve: […]

Building Management System

BMS (Building Management Systems) are systems providing integrated management of all the technological functions of a building, including access control, security, fire alarms, lights, intelligent lifts and air-conditioning. As such systems become more common, there is increasing need to connect together controllers made by different companies, something that requires not only a common electrical standard, but […]


PLC, HMI, SCADA, VFD, SERVO DRIVE Programming We offer a complement of industrial automation services to help support the customer. As a result, the customer can do what they do best and spend their time and energy focused on the companies core competencies. So, let our automation engineers design, program and commission an automation system […]

Industrial Automation Design

Industrial Automation Design Maintaining strict quality control and keeping production running at maximum efficiency has become too complex for people to manage directly. Modern high-speed manufacturing requires extensive networks of instrumentation, controls, and automation systems throughout production, storage, and shipping operations. Woodard & Curran’s integrated automation services are based on decades of experience designing and […]