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Industrial Automation Design

Maintaining strict quality control and keeping production running at maximum efficiency has become too complex for people to manage directly. Modern high-speed manufacturing requires extensive networks of instrumentation, controls, and automation systems throughout production, storage, and shipping operations. Woodard & Curran’s integrated automation services are based on decades of experience designing and implementing automated manufacturing processes. We help clients achieve the best possible efficiency and quality from end-to-end.


The process description of a facility’s operations is the foundation of understanding how its manufacturing process works. Without a thorough understanding of each piece of equipment and how they combine to create the end product of the process, any automation is bound to produce sub-standard results. When automating an existing process, our electrical and mechanical engineers work closely with clients to develop the necessary familiarity with the process before designing a system of instrumentation, controls, data management software, and human-machine interface software to control each element precisely. We schedule implementation to avoid interruptions and don’t leave until the automation is running exactly as the client needs it to.

When designing a new production line, we plan for the level of automation that will achieve our client’s goals. From robotic handling systems to vision quality inspection systems, fully automated packaging, and automated storage and retrieval systems, we have helped clients implement cutting-edge technology to meet their production, quality, and efficiency goals. Automation may be industry standard, but when done right it can still be a competitive advantage.

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